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Urbanization is one of the defining challenges of our times. The US is over 82% urbanized (2019). However, our understanding of the urban, whether in theory or in practice, has reached a turning point, with cities across the world facing new, complex and challenging conditions that require urban resilience, social inclusiveness, and adaptation to the impacts of climate change, technological advancement, and social change.


The UNLV Urban Futures Lab (UFLab) is a cross-disciplinary think tank and collaborative platform that develops and conceptualizes research and academic initiatives that support the possibilities for reshaping urban environments and decision-making. Our applied research is concerned with the development of new strategies towards the integration of sustainable technologies into a societal, urban and behavioral context; and the innovative re-thinking of urban futures - in partnership with industry, communities, and government. The Lab is concerned with a socially inclusive application of design and engineering skills to the city's urban fabric and its infrastructural systems. 

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The UFLab explores new connections within the fields of urban design, architecture, engineering, planning, landscape architecture, social science, policy, and the arts concerned with future urbanization trends. 

The UFLab is uniquely situated within UNLV, a rapidly growing, civically engaged urban research university in the center of the booming city of Las Vegas.